Dance is the answer

Not to dance and perform on stage is the most dificult part at the moment for our ensemble. For our new photo series „Dance is the answer“ our dancers answer with pictures how they feel, train at home and stay mentally healthy. 

Severin Brunhuber

Corps de ballet member Severin Brunhuber shows with his pictures, the mood of a dancer during Corona, how dancers feel, when they can't dance. 

The photos have been taken by his brother, Quirin Brunhuber. 

Dustin Klein

Soloist Dustin Klein answers with his pictures the following questions: How does it feel not to dance, not to perform on stage? How do you train at home? An interview without words. 

How do you stay mentally positive?
How does it feel not to perform?
How react your neighbours when you practice ballet jumps at home?
Show us your training at home
What will you look like, when you see your colleagues again?

Jeanette Kakareka & Jinhao Zhang

Our Soloist Jeanette Kakareka answered the questions together with her fiancé, First Soloist Jinhao Zhang

- How are your pointe shoes holding up?
Before we got the floors -thank you!- I was training directly on our concrete floors... which apparently like to eat pointe shoes for breakfast. You can nearly see through the boxes at this point!
- How does your cat feel about you staying at home?
Our British Shorthair, Moqi, is such a warm and loving pet. He's been enjoying the time with us so much, we'll need to be careful when our schedules go back to normal.
- How do you feel when you are not able to perform?
Since we were meant to be at the peak of our season right now, the feeling is strange. It's easy to feel discouraged at the moment, but I'm doing my best to be patient and keep perspective - we will return again.
- How do you do your training at home?
I am beyond proud of the dancers across the world who have been lifting each other up and working together to keep the passion alive. As I cling desperately onto my living room bookshelf or lean against my window only to achieve the bare basics of a barre, I must practice self-compassion and know this is only temporary.
- How do you stay mentally positive and fit?
I've been getting creative by finessing my old hobbies, as well as picking up new ones. Some of that has been baking and cooking, studying Chinese, starting new projects digitally and in crafts, reading, running, and a new one for me--yoga. This is such a wonderful time to explore yourself and learn new things.
- Show us how you feel when you can get back to rehearsals with your colleagues.
I hope that we will both be a little more grateful, a little more patient, and a little more understanding.

Jeanette Kakareka writes her own blog.

Self-compassion - Training at home
Gratitude – When we see our colleagues again
Waiting – When I can’t perform
Broken – How my point shoes are doing
Creativity - How I stay mentally healthy
Love – My cat and my pointe shoes

Stefano Maggiolo

Corps de ballet dancer Stefano Maggiolo shows in one picture, how his life looks like at the moment, exercising, reading, studying, surfing in the internet and calling friends.

Stanislava Aitova

Corps de ballet dancer Stanislava Aitova found these words working with her photos: /Keep moving. In any situation. At home, in your body, in your soul. In your mind, in your life, in your way. We never gonna be younger than now./

The pictures have been taken during a facetime photoshoot by photographer Sasha Monik. 

Séverine Ferrolier

A picture is worth a thousand words - this is still true even after quarantine. First soloist Séverine Ferrolier is the first dancer to take part in our interview series since the return to the ballet studios:

How did it feel like to be back in the ballet studio?
How was it to see your colleagues again?
What does not being able to perform feel like?
How do you stay mentally positive and fit?
The Oktoberfest is cancelled. Your reaction?

Rafael Vedra

Dance is the answer: summer edition!

For the end of the 2019/20 season, corps de ballet dancer Rafael Vedra presents amongst others his plans for the summer break and his move for the Pride Week in July. Happy holidays!

What does not being able to perform feel like?
Your look when you first step on stage again?
What new hobby or skill did you acquire during the Corona break?
What are your plans for summer?
Your move for Pride Week?


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