Dustin Klein completed his dance training at the Royal Ballet School in London. He was engaged in 2008 as dancer in the Corps de ballet of the Bayerisches Staatsballett and promoted to soloist in the 2014/2015 season. He also works parallel as a freelance choreographer.
In the 2017/18 season he also presents a new piece as a Young Choreographer.

Dustin Klein © Wilfried Hösl
Dustin Klein © Wilfried Hösl

Name: Dustin Klein

Beginnings: I began to dance at five in my mother's ballet school in Landsberg (Germany). As a child I was pretty hyperactive and ballet really bundled the energy so well and gave form to it. I came to choreography myself through Kurt Tykwer, who offered me a platform before a Pina Bausch film performance in Landsberg.

Style: The worst for me would be to get bogged down in something as a choreographer.  But generally speaking I have a certain tendency towards the dark. The three most important keywords for my style are aggression, fragmentation and humour.

Creation: Composer Matthew Herbert has accompanied the life of a pig from birth to consumption with Field Recordings. This music fit my theme like a glove, because the piece will be about how we process lifeforms into foodstuffs. 
On the staging: I am a big fan of floor work, because the floor is an incredibly beautiful element in the room. Altogether an art installation consisting of dance, video, text, acting and stage set will emerge.
But I don't want to be the one that points the finger at the people – I simply put it in the room as it happens.

Either or ...:

1. Search or find?                
2. Act or react?            
Act proactively.              
3. Listen or shout?             
Of course this piece is a kind of a shout, but I only got here because I listened to myself. I listened to my own voice and I simply know that it is right like this. So listen really.              


Creation Dustin Klein: Ensemble of the Bayerisches Staatsballetts © Wilfried Hösl
Sneak peek of the rehearsals with Dustin Klein and the Ensemble of the Bayerisches Staatsballetts © Wilfried Hösl


Find out more about him in his Biography or in the full interview in the Young Choreographers 2018 programme book.

Interview by Margaux Duteil and Antonia Hostlowsky.


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