The Bayerisches Staatsballett distributed dance floor to its dancers.

1.60m x 1.60m – for now this is the stage. These days, the daily class and practise are reduced to taking place on only a few square meters. Of course this is not a long-term solution, but for the time being it at least improves the training conditions. The dance floor is 1.2 mm strong, made from smooth, anti-slip PVC material, can be rolled, is easy to transport and most importantly is easy to install.

Our technicians cut the dance floor,
decorate it with love
and prepare it to be picked up.

The feedback from the dancers was incredibly positive. “Everyone is grateful to be able to work at home properly”, says Florian Ulrich Sollfrank, corps de ballet member and ensemble speaker. Together with the ballet administration and support from the technical crew, he organized the distribution of the dance floor pieces in the week before Easter.

Tomoka Kawazow and her role of dance floor.
At home the dance floor is placed.
Madeleine Pastor puts her pointe shoes on.

For dancers the dance floor is like their home office. The company offers daily classes via the video conferencing app Zoom. For the ensemble, Florian says, it is great, because “we come together as a group, we can see each other and feel each other's presence. But the floor under our feet is actually physically real and a necessary part of our work. It's not just a tool, but these days rather provides emotional, psychological effect, too: we all now have a piece of our theatre at home.“ Being able to step into and out of the “home office” area also helps the dancers to separate work time from leisure time.

Chelsea Thronson in an arabesque.
Robin Strona trains on his terrace.
Polina Bualova uses her shelf as barre.
Marta Navarretes dog is happy for her.

Without the dance floor, the dancers had to use whatever their flat had to offer. From fluffy carpets, to slippery wooden surfaces that easily get scratched, to hard ceramic tiles or uneven laminate – neither provides good training support. Especially for the ladies, the dance floor is crucial to work properly with their pointe shoes. Principal Kristina Lind, told us, that at first she used to train in socks, but it didn`t give her a solid grip. She goes on to explain: “If you don’t have a proper grip and the right relationship to the floor it's hard to keep balance and work with your muscles properly. With the dance floor, now my living room has become the ballet studio and it feels like proper training. My feet are telling me that I'm working and I feel safer. It will help all of us to spring back into the studio and the rehearsals“. Which – we all hope – will be very soon!

Dance floor to go

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