World Ballet Day with Bayerisches Staatsballett

On World Ballet Day, ballet lovers from all over the world gather in front of their screens. This year the event took place on 23 October 2019. With the #worldballetday you find innumerable posts on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. As an homage to the art of dance and to the hard work and dedication of all ballet dancers worldwide, this year more than 30 international companies broadcast live on the internet during the entire day from training and rehearsals. The Royal Ballet in London organizes the event together with the Bolshoi Ballet and the Australian Ballet. In 2019, World Ballet Day took place for the fifth time. The Bayerisches Staatsballett followed the invitation of the Royal Ballet for the second time, and so for one day we entered the ballet studio with three cameras, live direction and a 10-person-production team. 

Training with Bayerisches Staatsballett

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In several livestreams our company gave insights into the daily rehearsal and ballet routine of the ensemble. Every morning our dancers start with the class. Before the 75-minute-long session begins, the dancers warm up individually and stretch. On October 23, ballet mistress Yana Zelensky gave the class, accompanied on the piano by Natalia Rysina. Like all around the world, the class starts with exercises at the barre: pliés, tendus, ronds de jambes, developpés. These exercises help to warm up and prepare the body. The barre is used as a gentle support. In the second half of the session, the barres are removed and the training continues with exercises in the centre of the studio. Pirouettes, jumps and combinations of changements, assemblés or glissades follow. The pace and level of difficulty rise during the session. At the end, everyone feels warm; film crew included.

In the afternoon we streamed a rehearsal of our recent premiere Coppélia. The piece premiered on 20 October 2019. Our ensemble studied Roland Petit’s choreography at the beginning of the season, but, of course, the rehearsals on this piece continue, scenes are being refined or reworked, new casts rehearse for their upcoming role debut. In the livestream we broadcast a scene from the second act with Swanilda and her six friends.

Rehearsal for COPPÉLIA

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Principals Virna Toppi and Maria Baranova danced as Swanilda, Marina Duarte, Maria Chiara Bono, Madeleine Dowdney, Vera Segova, Antonia McAuley and Margarita Grechanaia as friends. First soloist Dmitrii Vyskubenko rehearsed the variation of Franz from the first act and Virna Toppi the Spanish dance. The rehearsal was led by ballet mistress Yana Zelensky.

The diversity of the rehearsal schedule was reflected in our programme for World Ballet Day. Following the rehearsal of Coppélia we streamed a corps de ballet rehearsal of Christopher Wheeldon’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. In the current season the piece was performed for the first time on 1 November 2019, so that rehearsals were scheduled for the flower waltz from the second act. Ballet mistress Valentina Divina worked with our ensemble on the positions in this scene, where the flowers “come to life, sprout and blossom”.


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During the whole day, we accompanied the event live on our social media accounts and were excited about far away comments from Japan, Brazil and Australia. All those who missed our live stream on World Ballet Day itself, now have the chance to watch the class and rehearsal of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. (Unfortunately, we cannot yet publish the rehearsal of Coppélia due to legal obligations.)

We hope you enjoyed World Ballet Day with the Bayerisches Staatsballett and are looking forward to the next year! See you online!


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