FALSTAFF: The (other) finale

Director Mateja Koležnik thought long and hard about how she should stage the finale of Falstaff. An bombastic ending with the whole chorus on stage did not seem possible in times of Corona. But how then to do justice to the composer Verdi? The actual end of her production then comes as a shock to many. And Reinhard J. Brembeck writes in the Süddeutsche Zeitung: "This is how the Bayerische Staatsoper formulates its protest against the art lockdown as art without complaining. It is a disturbing and stirring finale, an open question, a cry without sound.“ And how does the director explain her ending?

„There is one point in this opera where Falstaff says you have to have a grain of salt in your life and the world would be very very dull without us comedians. So I said: I will finish it here. This is for me the thing which I would like to tell to everybody who is closing theatres in the time when we need art, when we need something else than our mobile phones. If you ask me, I would just like to tell one thing. Civilization which does not cherish art will become barbaric. And cutting art like an unnecessary luxus in this time, I don’t find this stupid, I find this dangerous. “

FALSTAFF: Das Finale

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